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Got tired of trying hormonal pills for PCOS and infertility? Try this unique Ayurveda formula


PCOS and infertility are two of the most prevalent gynecological problems seen among females all over the world.

To counteract PCOS and infertility, misuse of hormonal pills and contraceptives is on the rise, which unknowingly worsens the problem.

But a greater awareness and trust in ancient medicines and lifestyle changes have led to a change in this scenario and encouraged people to adopt these changes.

So let’s take a look at this article which Ayurveda drugs are good for you if you are suffering from PCOS and want to increase fertility enhancement.

Shatavari – A woman's real friend

The ancient system of medicine calls for the use of a drug called Shatavari for treating gynecological problems.

Shatavari since the ages is the first drug of choice for reproductive health issues. This drug is said to be

● “Rasayani” i.e., a rejuvenator

, ● “Balya” i.e., energy booster,

● “Stanyakari” i.e. promotes lactation and much more.

Interestingly, Shatavari has a good effect on PCOS and infertility as both have similar symptoms, such as irregular period cycles, hormonal imbalances, and stunted follicle growth.

As a result, Shatavari helps you to get rid of all your symptoms;

Regulates your menstrual cycle – It is the most common complaint of women suffering from PCOD or PCOS. Shatavari helps regulate the regular menstrual cycle by keeping an appropriate balance between the hormones and target cells.

Maintains your FSH and LH balance – Every month your ovaries release the ovum or egg. This process starts with FSH (Follicle Stimulating Hormone) and LH (Luteinizing Hormone). Shatavari is the best drug that keeps the balance of both the hormones in your body.

Supports follicle development - Shatavari is a 'Vrishya,' or powerful herbal medicine that helps your follicles grow and develop, thus preventing infertility.

● Maintains balance between estrogen and progesterone - These two hormones play a crucial role in conceiving, and Shatavari helps maintain a balance between these hormones, thus helping in fertility enhancement.

Other benefits of Shatavari are;

● This superfood is a potent antioxidant.

● It has anti-inflammatory properties.

● This potent drug also helps treat diarrhea.

Shatavari shows good results in maintaining blood sugar levels.

● It helps in treating ulcers.

Hemp – A powerhouse of nutrition

It is always good to add hemp seeds to their diet to combat PCOS and infertility.

The reason is as follows:

Rich in nutrition– A superfood like hemp seeds is a powerhouse of nutrition, full of vitamins, omega-6 fatty acids, minerals, and amino acids, which may help to increase fertility. So, if you're not conceiving due to nutritional deficiencies, improving egg quality can help in dealing with PCOS.

Easily digestible - Hemp powder contains proteins known as "edestin" and "albumin" that are easy to digest, thus preventing weight gain associated with PCOS.

Don't you think it's a good combo if in one product you get the effectiveness of both Shatavari and hemp?

These single drugs are a great way to help you with PCOS and infertility and we have combined them in the form of a blend to make you experience the true magic of Ayurveda and its formulations.

To bring you this unique combination, Our Health Horizon Ayurveda blend is perfect for you with a richness of both Shatavari and Hemp seeds to help you battle against PCOS and infertility.

For optimum health and well-being, make sure to incorporate this nurturing blend of hand-picked pure and adulteration-free Shatvari and Hemp to gift yourself a healthy you and to keep your fighting spirit high against PCOS and infertility.

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